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STUMACO: Studies, machines en constructies

STUMACO: Studies, machinery and constructions
Your specialist in mechanical engineering and tailor-made products.

Stumaco (established in Belgium) is specialized in mechanical engineering of stainless steel machines. We focus mainly on the food industry. But we also build machines and complete installations for other sectors, like for example the tobacco sector and the water purification industry.

Our mechanical engineering goes from A to Z. At our company we do the design and also the constructions ourselves. For assembly we come to you on-site. You can still receive service and maintenance of the machines after the delivery .You can also count on us for the purchase and incorporation of specific machines. On top of this we deliver tailor-made machines, replacements parts, turning and other constructions. Our range varies from small adjustments till complete process lines.   

In case you don’t only want 1 machines but a complete line, we like to introduce you to our overall concepts. Together with you we develop a complete line. We develop all your ideas into detail; we measure everything on-site and create a detailed design. Afterwards you can always make some changes. It obvious that these lines will be completely tailor-made. You tell us where to put the machines. And we make sure that they fit.

Feel free to check our associated page for more information about our tailor-made products.

Your company can also find various piping installations at Stumaco. We take care of you compressed air and water supply and drainage.

You can be sure that all our products are made of eminent materials. We have a wide range of stainless steel constructions. Not only because of the hygiene but also for the maintenance.

You’ll keep in touch with one contact point. That way you won’t waste precious time. That contact point is the project engineer. Together with our engineering team the project engineer searches for a solution to suit your particular needs. 


STUMACO over the years

Stumaco is a construction company established in 2001. The abbreviation Stumaco stands for studies, machinery and constructions. At the beginning we only designed machines and developed total solutions for the food industry. Because our customers wanted to achieve their own projects in a mechanical way, our company needed its own construction atelier. That same year we found a suitable location. We invested in enhanced equipment and selected the most experienced mechanical engineers.

The smooth growth led us to the fact that our atelier started to get too small. That’s way we moved our company to a new location in 2006. There we also had the possibility to expand. This way we can completely develop your project in our atelier. And thus we can limit the on-site assembly time to a minimum.    

Our years of experience in the construction world and the food sector constitute a solid basis for specific and high-quality cooperation with customers, which lead to success projects. Next to the mechanical demands of each project, we always have attention for the maintenance, the maintenance cost, the sustainability, the hygiene and safety of each individual project. Lastly we do anything to build a sustainable relationship with our customers. Flexibility is therefore our most important asset.    

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