Standard machines or tailor-made

Stumaco has an extensive range of standard machines.
But in case our standard machine offer doesn’t entirely accommodate your wishes, we’ll look together with you for the possibilities for a tailor-made machine.

Vegetables processing

To guarantee an optimal processing of your vegetables Stumaco delivers all kinds of machines to get your products ready for the processing.  


In your process line it may occur that there’s a product lying on the conveyor belt that doesn’t belong there. That’s why Stumaco has a range of sorting machines.   

Mixing installation

With a mixing installation of Stumaco you can put your vegetables together in a mechanical way. This way you don’t have to fill the boxes yourself, but you can draw up a personalized database with the different vegetable mixtures on it. Check the relevant page for more details.  

Water purification

At Stumaco we do not only take care of the sewage disposal of your company. But we also have machines that purify the sewage. 

To break

If you work with frozen vegetables, you can have some difficulties with coherent products. That’s why Stumaco has the machines that do the work for you. And they do it very carefully!


At Stumaco you can also find a wide range of machines to wrap up your products. The packaging line includes several machines to process your products quickly and efficiently.

Storage / filling / emptying of boxes

In a food company it’s necessary to handle your products carefully. Next to this your products have be processed in a hygienic way. That’s why Stumaco offers you several stainless steel machines to guarantee the ease in usability- and maintenance.